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What do you learn from your personal time-line?
Think about the key turning points in your career and personal life. How did these moments shape your values, your attitudes, your behaviour? Identify the consequences, both positive and negative. What does this knowledge point you towards in terms of reclaiming or growing neglected parts of yourself?

Have your most positive personal strengths become blocked?
List your most positive strengths, values, qualities. Describe how each has been blocked or stunted in their expression in daily life. It happens to everyone. For each one, describe the steps you could take to commit to living them at their fullest, to enlarge these capacities in you, to reduce the gaps in your leadership.

How can you grow past your cover story?
All of us tend to develop a ‘cover story’ about our lives, beneath which is the real story, including our emotional blind spots, fears and pockets of dysfunctional behaviour. These can become hidden drivers of our lives. Take some time to honestly identify your vulnerabilities. How can you grow through them?

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