How to choose a coach

How do you find a leadership coach who is going to help you make the changes you need to be more successful?

I recommend you check out several potential coaches before deciding. How a coach and client fit together is important. Who makes the most sense to you? Who do you click with? Most coaches offer a free phone consultation. It’s a good chance to interview the coach and ask about their education, credentials and values.

In particular you should look for:

A proven methodology. I am a CTI-trained coach, and a member of the ICF. So I invite you to assume that you already have all the power in you, and what you need is a process that releases it in a way that is unique and ownable by you.

An approach that fits the way you work. My clients live and work across the world, so most of our coaching sessions are conducted on the phone. While some clients prefer to meet with me one on one, or bring me to their offices, I work almost exclusively over the phone or Skype. It saves my clients a lot of time and money to work that way.

Good rapport and trusted confidentiality. You’ll discover tools and techniques, and sometimes we’ll just talk. More than anything, I will challenge and encourage you to play a bigger part in your leadership with an experience that is stimulating and rewarding.

Someone who has seen enough and has enough experience to be of real help. I have worked with large multinational corporate clients, but I have also coached and mentored more than 100 small and medium sized businesses. I understand the corporate player and the entrepreneurial mindset, the strategic politics and the tactical practice.

A free sample session. Coaching is a process where change happens so it must be experienced to be fully understood. You can’t tell someone what chocolate tastes like – you have to try it to know if you like it.

There’s only one way to find out: get in touch for a 100% no-obligation sample session.

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