What clients say

“An inspiration to work with” AM

“It’s been very powerful and a joy to work with you.” DK

“I’ve worked with Morgan for almost a year and work with him every two weeks. I’m a free thinker and like to be challenged. Morgan works like an eagle. From whatever distance my thoughts appear he is able to spot a thread and bring its potential right into his hands through powerful questions, his progressive thinking, superior strategic mindset and a gritty desire to make each session our best yet. He has the street smarts of an entrepreneur and the business acumen of a CEO. I’m delighted to work with him as part of my team. ” MP

“Morgan saw me through my first real professional coaching, helping me unpick exactly what my next move should be and gave me the impetus to make a big change in my professional career. He was brilliant, helping me understand what I needed to do as well as what would really motivate me. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.” LB

“I began coaching because I was lost and unsure where I wanted to go in my career. I had served for eight years as Royal Navy Officer and followed the well-trodden path of moving into a role in the City, I knew straight away that this was the wrong decision and after four months I left the role feeling despondent and lost about where my career was going. I decided to find a coach who could help me explore my true strengths and values in order to identify what I wanted to do, not what I thought I should do. I spoke to numerous coaches but as soon as I spoke to Morgan I knew that he would be right person for me. Throughout my coaching Morgan was fantastic- listening to everything that I said, succinctly summarising the problems identified and then allowing me to explore what I wanted to do whilst knowing exactly when to provide direction and guidance. I have now found a new role in the NHS that will fulfil my values whilst capitalising on my strengths and I am extremely excited about the opportunity. If you are considering a coach then I would strongly recommend that you pick up the phone to Morgan.” CF

“It’s given me focus and direction whereas before I was not convinced of why I was doing this. Amazing how new thinking can change my world!”

“I began coaching because I knew there was more to me than I was showing the world, but I wasn’t sure what that was. Morgan’s coaching with me helped me to understand that, but more importantly, it also helped me to ‘own’ it, and to start taking action in my life to support what it was I was discovering about myself. Morgan was generous and playful, but also knew when and how to challenge me to think differently, bigger and better. My life looks very different (in a wonderful way) than it did when I started coaching. If you’re ready to start knowing and doing different, then this is for you!” MCH

“Morgan is a highly effective coach. His listening and evaluation skills are exceptional. He is one of the few people that I’ve met that can speak fluently about corporate life and entrepreneurial challenges and a life with meaning and parenting and humour. Remarkable! I can recommend Morgan as a coach, a mentor and a lifelong learner. ” RFF

“I came to coaching at a time when I wanted to add more power and clarity to my life, both personally and professionally. Over the last year I can definitely say that I have achieved both with your support. With humour, insight and patiently holding the space you have brought out the cheeky, swash- buckling, deep feeling man I am and continue to choose to become. When I have lost sight of my direction you were there unfailingly to make me realise that I had closed my eyes to what was possible and all I had to do was open them again and continue along the path I know to be right. Without fear you delved into the deep emotion I was afraid to step into to clear the space for more growth, understanding and insight for which I am eternally grateful. What attracted me to you over other coaches was that there was something about you that scared me a little- just enough to reach out and call and know that I was going to be challenged on the things I would otherwise want to dodge. I was right to follow my instinct on that. You have done a wonderful service to me and the people in my life by holding the vision of my best self and reminding me of how potent and powerful that vision is when I give it air to breath, a voice to speak and a body to action my magnificence in the world. Thank you.” DB

“It’s so useful to have a space where I can remove myself from the day to day of the office and think about the bigger picture and it really has helped shape future plans.” MJ

“Thank you so much for making it so easy to tell my story.” AI

“Our sessions brought up lots of issues around safety, trust, love, connection and permission. It seems amazing that the body holds so much pain and longing within it unexpressed yet present and powerful. I thought you held the space wonderfully, challenged and supported, delved deep enough and held me where I needed to be to explore, experience and understand. Thank you for all that. Thank you for agreeing to coach me.” DB

“I am finding peace in my life that I have never experienced. It’s like I’m floating on air.” RFF

“It’s the third coach I’ve had and I’ve been very happy. For me, he is the best coach.” KVD

“Bored, tired, wondering what to do next? Need some inspiration in your life? I highly recommend spending a few hours of your life talking to Morgan Holt.” MA

“An original who crosses boundaries between disciplines. Always expect to be surprised by Morgan. Pleasantly.” RW

“We got to the answer just when we said we would need it. This couldn’t have come at a better time.” NW

“Having a life coach rocks!” MA

“It’s been so creative, fun and challenging to be coached by you. I’ve felt my strength and courage grow when you’ve always been so attentive – listening to my unspoken motivations and dreams, and pushing me towards them. Thanks to you, I’m gathering huge amounts of momentum.” MU

“Great to work with. Lots of integrity.” SP

“You’ve had a massive influence on me, just getting everything balanced.” AS

“Morgan is undoubtedly a fantastic coach. Someone who can think ‘out of the box’ and understand any leaps that you’re trying to make in your life. I’m taking a career break to reassess where I’m going and his expertise, support, enthusiasm and undoubted encouragement has made me move leaps and bounds in the right direction with conviction and belief. If you’re thinking of trying something new in your career, not sure how/when to make the break then I think his style of ‘coaching towards an unconventional life’ would really suit you so I hope you’ll take him up on it.” TK

“Coaching is the most positive form of counselling ever! And I never thought I’d say that. Give it a try if you feel stuck, restricted, stressed by any part of your life. I’ve been talking to Morgan Holt, I think you should too.” MA

“I would be delighted to recommend you as I would be doing people a favour!” GH

“You really embody the co-active model in a powerful and dynamic way. I love it.” DB

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